Tributes to the Fallen

Sgt Guido, Cpl Chervac, Lt Reynaldo, Father Hetrack, Questri, Elian/Marevak – Keep casualties

Darius Kord and Thunder- Dwarven Paladin and Diplomat

Dram Hammersmith – Fallen Hero of the Land of Margrave

Tankard Hammersmith – older lost brother

Goodman Barth – Priest of an Evil Cult

Igor – Assassin and Shadow Warrior

Farned Philgo – halfling wanderer

Houshang – Wizard from a far away land

Wilby Cha – Painter locksmith

Ormand the Red – recruit

Rog – red shirt recruit

Maclise – anther recruit

Jacob – Monk searching for an order

Pax Muler – Squire to Darius Kord

Jaroo Ashstaff – Druid of Hommlet

Diedra – Mage of the Gypsies

Janni (Chovexani aka Xani)- Strange creature from another plane

Robin Hoyle – older brother of Dalin

John, Joe, Sam, Dave – Badgers blown to bits

Spugnoir – Seeker of Lost Magic

Turko, Kord – Hired by the Silver Circle

Father John, Clemit, Sheriff Murdoch – various townsfolk killed in the line of duty

Belsornig – the water elemental mage

Alrrem – the fire elemental mage

Mikel – Warrior and Hearer of Voices

Punt – Fell comatose while training to become an adventurer

Will – Druid of Greenwillow

Five – Strong Mental Farmer

Quahog – Tattooed Warrior

Master Fu – monk from the East

Edilberht Understreet – Butler adventurer

Tunil, Bolo, + 8 other Radonites

Lavinia and her 4 sons



Farned, Dohran, Brandon, and Evro and 22 badgers – Farco Keep

Sven the Mighty Midget

Boris Bonesnapper

Abel, Donal of Clearwater, Aridedne, and Charles the Bold


Long Tusk – he found his lost tribe

Charlie, Frank, and Smits – 3 of the Free Company no more

Scarface, Rusty, Butterby, Paladin and Scots


Tributes to the Fallen

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