Rojur of the Black Tower

Rojur is a very young elf. He has lived for many years in the Mages of Harling's Obsidian Tower and, since arriving there, has rarely left its confines except to run small errands and attend the occasional public festival.


Rojur of the Black Tower

Class: Magic User

Secondary Profession: Tailor/Clothing Designer

Gender: Male

Race: Elf

Alignment: Lawful

STR – 8

INT – 17

WIS – 10

CON – 11

DEX – 8

CHA – 12

HP – 3

AC- 9


Sling, Staff


Common, Lawful, Elven, Sylvan, Fae, Water Elemental, Fire Elemental, Earth Elemental, Air Elemental


Read Magic, Sleep, Charm, Magic Mouth, Detect Magic


Rojur was born in a forest far to the southwest of Harling. Both of his parents were full-blooded forest elves and, as a very small child he spent his days with the other Elven children and sylvan creatures playing games, frolicking, dancing and singing. It was a simple, peaceful, idyllic time, and one largely now forgotten by Rojur. Sometimes he can drift in a semi-dreamlike state back to that time and place, but he only gets fleeting glimpses and unsatisfying snatches of those youthful times.

He doesn’t remember exactly how it happened, or even where he was when it happened, but he does remember darkness, and floating nowhere and everywhere all at once. And then he was here, in the light, laid bare in front of the stern, questioning faces of the wizardly occupants of the Black Tower. The Magi therein quickly realized that Rojur had stumbled into their tower blindly, yet they could not determine from whence he came. He looked reasonably intelligent so they decided to keep him. He could prove to be useful someday.

Rojur was first apprenticed to an elderly Elven woman named Lycra who was the head seamstress for the wizards’ tower. She and her team of seamstresses, tailors, embroiderers, milliners, haberdashers and weavers created all the cloaks, hats, gloves and other vestments for the denizens of the Tower; many quite gaudy and elaborate with gold thread, hidden pockets, rare silks and gemstones incorporated in the designs. The wizards of Harling tend to favor an element of the fantastical and outlandish in their wardrobes. Rojur soon came into his own as a masterful tailor and his creations eventually caught the eye of an aspiring wizard in the tower, Xenin Fel. Xenin Fel recognized that Rojur’s ability to memorize patterns, sew flawless seams, visualize designs and execute them, and his overall knack for detail might translate well into the arcane arts. He took Rojur under his wing and taught him some of the rudimentary elements of magic during his off hours, as well as some minor secrets of the Black Tower and the Magi.

Eventually Xenin Fel came to the realization that Rojur would need to venture forth into the world and leave the confines of the Tower in order to become a truly useful apprentice. Last month Xenin Fel bequeathed some coins and other useful items to Rojur with the instructions that he should head north to seek out either Balorn in Holmfaust or Rufus and Berne in Hommlet in order to learn more of the world and the ways of magic. He is to gather as much knowledge and as many useful items as possible before returning to the Tower to repay Xenin Fel for his kind guidance and patronage. Rojur is eager to learn more of the Magi and the mysterious Black Tower he lived in for so many years, so he will do his best to please his Master and satisfy his curiosity.

Rojur of the Black Tower

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