Session 67

Session 67 In Hotte pursuit (3 fish men monitors 243 / 7.5 = 32.4) 32 xp each 50 xp Hex (2 spells) Dwarven prospector 10xp Dalin, Egel, Erius Castle dreams 50 xp Hex (lores) Into the mine shaft ( 2 fish men 65 / 8 = 8.1) 8 xp each 5xp Egel (tunnel knowledge) Storoper trap 128 xp Rojur Open sez me 125xp Hex (use of chime of opening) River tunnel 5xp Rojur Burial caskets (8 ghouls 147 / 8 = 18.3) 18 xp each 10 xp for Jetebella

Dalin 68 + 3 = 71 Father Ben Kayla Erius 68 + 6 = 74 Xenin Pumpernickle Matthew Rosalia Karl Fiona Rose Azalea Beans Hex 283 + 28 = 311 Acorn Rojur 191 + 19 = 210 Xelin 58 + 5 = 63 Egel 41 + 4 = 45

Subtotal: Kayla 17061 Xeninfel 7501 Karl 5204 Fiona 2335 Erius 12987 + 74 = 13061 LaFawnduh 3310 Dalin 17521 + 71 = 17592 Father Ben 16064 Pumpernickle 392 Matthew 441 Rosalia 446 Rose 10452 Azalea 36 Beans 648 Acorn 564 Hex 4968 + 311 = 5279 Level up Rojur 3003 + 210 = 3213 Xelin 2218 + 63 = 2281 Egel 45

Freyta Week 3 Feastday Flee the tunnels, meet Egel, rest, train

Freyta Week 3 Weddingday- Week 4 Weddingday Rest, train, Rojur wakes

Freyta Week 4 Thunderday Return to the dracolisk tunnel

Treasure: 2 shattered rubies (splinters/shards/dust); 3 large fishmen harnesses 9 fresh water clam shells

Session 61 updates

The farmers from Hommlet along with the remaining badgers died in their sleep from a poison gas trap.

Alho Rengate is staying at the Hoyle estate after being raised from the dead.

Krago is a gnome jeweler of considerable ability S 15 I 13 W 13 D 18 C 16 Ch 13

Xelen is a noble elf from a far away land. He recovered his spellbook.

Rescued captives

Farned, Dohran, Brandon, and Evro are farmers from Hommlet. All are human males in their mid to late 20’s. They mentioned being forced to do manual labor by the bandits.

According to Alho Rengate, she is the daughter of a well-to-do spice merchant in Restenford to the West of here. She says her father will pay handsomely for her safe return.

Krago was/is a ragged, gnome jeweler also from near Restenford. He had a terrible tic until the party gave him some Greenwillow water. S 15 I 13 W 13 D 18 C 16 Ch 13

Sho-Rembo is a noble elf from a far away land. He was/is betrothed to Fiona. He offers his services if you arm and armor him. S 16 I 16 W 14 D 13 C 15 Ch 14 He is also fluent in goblin, dwarf, orc, elf, common, alignment, halfling, and gnome. He says he can use magic if someone finds his spellbook or wishes to lend them theirs.

Session 60 Experience and Treasure

Session 60
A plan is hatched 10xp each for preparation to take on the bandits
An ambush avoided 25xp for Lord Lareth
In the midst of the mayhem (30 bandits, 2 1st lvl fighting men, 3 3rd lvl fighting men, 1 5th lvl fighting man, 1 5th lvl magic user 12 slain by party 85 xp / 4.5 = 18.9 ) 18 xp each 50xp Hex (2 hypno) 25xp Acorn (potion), 25xp Erius (potion)
A tortured soul 100xp Baalthus resisting and rumors and potion of poison
To the rescue (12 Hobgoblins and Chief 414xp/ 16 = 25.8 ) 25xp Erius, Rojur, Hex
In the cavern (10 females, 8 young, 3 Falling stones 93/ 9 = 10.3) 10xp Erius, Rojur, Hex 25xp Erius (str)
Farco’s Keep (1 gnome, 4 farmers, 1 merchant’s daughter, and 1 noble elf rescued 800 / 9 = 88.9) 88xp Erius, Rojur, Hex

Father Ben
Erius 201 + 20 = 221
Hex 201 + 20 = 221
Acorn 53 + 5 = 58
Baalthus 153 + 7 = 160(deceased)
Lym 14 + 1 = 15 (deceased)
Rojur 123 + 12 = 135xp
Unknown 61 + 6 = 67xp

Kayla 17061
Xeninfel 5001
Karl 3966
Fiona 2335
Erius 9850 + 221 = 10071
Sven 686
LaFawnduh 3310
Dalin 15992
Father Ben 15624
Pumpernickle 392
Matthew 401
Rosalia 406
Rose 10452
Azalea 36
Beans 648
Acorn 506 + 58 = 564
Hex 1339 + 221 = 1560
Balthus 247 + 160 = 407 (deceased)
Lym 208 + 15 = 223 (deceased)
Rojur 135
Unknown 67

Treasure: Spent by Erius 52gp and 38gp of party gold, lost: elven blade, longbow Found 84 sp on hobgoblins
Hobgoblin chief and chest: 240 gp, 700sp, 16pp, broad sword (erius)
Chest #1: 4000cp, 850 sp
Chest #2: 4175 sp, 220 gp
Chest #3: locked and trapped (not opened)

Ol-Min Week 3 Feastday-Weddingday
Travel to Holmfaust and talk with Balorn

Ol-Min Week 3 Thunderday-Fastday
Head out for Bone Hill

Ol-Min Week 3 Holyday
Late evening arrive near Bone Hill encountered Bandits

Ol-Min Week 4 Sunday
Flee, get killed or captured

Ol-Min Week 4 Moonday-Feastday
Erius tries to gather help, Baalthus resists, Hex flees back to Hommlet
Set off with help

Ol-Min Week 4 Weddingday
Travel to Bone Hill continues, Baalthus dies

Ol-Min Week 4 Thunderday
Arrive at Bone Hill and attack

Nym's thoughts on his party

Baalthus – He…he…he can’t be that stupid…he just…he can’t.
Nym: – Why is it the man with the lock picks and the trap jammers has a stronger moral code than the priests?
Acorn – Means well, good tracker, has common sense…except when it comes to healing. Healing arts are not meant for amateurs.
Erius – Make all the excuses you want I still think you sold your soul for an oversized worm.
Ben – What a very interesting definition of the word Good. I wonder if the gods agree?
Bernie – There’s more to you than you’re letting on.
Rufus – You can only compel someone to go against their nature for so long.
Rocky – This should be…interesting?…educational?…informative?
Chloe – Someone once said “No matter how perfect the nipple, how supple the thigh, unless there’s some other shit going on in the relationship besides physical, it’s going get old, okay.” Apparently magic makes this no longer true…unless someone intervenes.

Akorn's Addled Brain

What a crazy few days it has been. I was so pleased when the circle…what’s left of the circle…decided to continue aiding the order. I didn’t quite expect things to play out as they did, but who am I to judge the wisdom of the ancients. Hex bravely gave himself & risked his life to save the forest. Then came the dreams. I’m sure the others had important things to say, but I was so caught up in trying to figure out my own that I scarely recall anything any of them said…..things about stealing from the dead and a lamp in a sea of dust or some such.

No matter. I am still a bit confused, but after my talk with Balthus (there is still hope for him!)it makes a little more sense. The weird part elf with the big wormy thing says we need to work together…the druids & the church. And I hate to say it, but he might be right. This Brother Ben who sacrificed Jaroo is trouble. I think Balthus is starting to realize that as well. If my dream is to be believed, Ben is somehow realted to the corruption at the Moat House. I think he is bidding his time waiting for us to be gone long enough for him to move his plot forward. I think he is Igoo & Balthus is St. Cuthbert! They both play roles with the Dark & White elves.

Whew! That’s a lot to think about! And I haven’t even mentioned Hex’s new rock suit creature. So much has happened. All I can do for the time is watch what is happening & try to figure out how the priests play into problems with the Moat House. Perhaps I was meant to see that I must keep an eye on this lot? I must find time for deep meditation on these subjects…

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