Akorn's Addled Brain

What a crazy few days it has been. I was so pleased when the circle…what’s left of the circle…decided to continue aiding the order. I didn’t quite expect things to play out as they did, but who am I to judge the wisdom of the ancients. Hex bravely gave himself & risked his life to save the forest. Then came the dreams. I’m sure the others had important things to say, but I was so caught up in trying to figure out my own that I scarely recall anything any of them said…..things about stealing from the dead and a lamp in a sea of dust or some such.

No matter. I am still a bit confused, but after my talk with Balthus (there is still hope for him!)it makes a little more sense. The weird part elf with the big wormy thing says we need to work together…the druids & the church. And I hate to say it, but he might be right. This Brother Ben who sacrificed Jaroo is trouble. I think Balthus is starting to realize that as well. If my dream is to be believed, Ben is somehow realted to the corruption at the Moat House. I think he is bidding his time waiting for us to be gone long enough for him to move his plot forward. I think he is Igoo & Balthus is St. Cuthbert! They both play roles with the Dark & White elves.

Whew! That’s a lot to think about! And I haven’t even mentioned Hex’s new rock suit creature. So much has happened. All I can do for the time is watch what is happening & try to figure out how the priests play into problems with the Moat House. Perhaps I was meant to see that I must keep an eye on this lot? I must find time for deep meditation on these subjects…

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