Balorn Candlehurst


spellbooks: read magic, unreadable magic, control flame, charm person, detect magic, feather fall, light, darkness, hidden pocket, magic bolt, sleep, shocking grasp, summon creature, copy, summon aid, command words, fix magic, adapt touch, store item, shift voice, shield, servant, write, frog legs, protection from evil, float, comprehend language, pyrotechnics

continual light, globe of darkness, see aura, melf’s acid arrow, weakness, strength, enfeeblement, web, ghostly whip, wizard lock, knock, acid splash, lore, levitate, shatter glass, increase container, copy self, frightening presence, see hidden

fireball, summon fiend, stink cloud, read minds, displacement, dispel magic, fly, safe place, guard spells, suggest, tongues, gail of wind, infravision

haste, hold person, slow, magic armor, minor globe, fumble, wall fire, hail storm, wall ice, fire storm, door, plant growth

transmute rock to mud, teleport enchant item

schools of magic: conjuration:summon, alteration:transmutation, evocation:invocation, enchantment:charm, divination, illusion:phantasm, abjuration, and necromancy:curative


Wizard in Holmfaust. Kayla and Rufus’s mentor. Recovering from a trip to the astral plane.

Meccah the Raven – familiar

Balorn Candlehurst

Margrave diaglo