Erius T'rinar

Knight of Sunstar, Nightshade, Raveneye - Order of the Sky Knight


Str: 18/82 (+3 to hit, +4 to damage / Open Door 1-6/6 / Bend Bars 1/6)
Int: 17 (7 bonus languages)
Wis: 7
Con: 11
Dex: 13 (+1 to hit ranged)
Cha: 13 (+1 reaction bonus / 5 max henchmen)
HP: 15/15
AC: 2 (Ironwood Plate + Shield)

Weapons – Ancient Elven Blade
Weapons – Hand and a Half Sword
Weapons – Longbow 1d6/1d6
Weapons – Dagger 1d4/1d3
Ammo – 40 arrows
Armor – Erius’ Ironwood Plate Armor
Shield – Magical Griffin Shield
Magic Item – Lady Raveneye’s Heart Shaped Gem
Magic Item – Bag of Holding (25000 coin volume)

150 plat
138 gp

Component (Special) – Portions of Goblin Shrubbery
Component (Special) – Enough Dracolisk leather to make 4 suits of armor

Languages – Common, Lawful, Elven, Dwarven, Orcish, Dragon (Brass), Dragon (Silver), Dragon (Gold), Elemental (Time)
Book – Spell Book
1st Level – Read Magic, Magic Weapon, Energy, Magic Bolt, Darkness, Shocking Hand, Pyrotechnics, Hidden Pocket, Shield
2nd Level – Strength, Acid Splash, Enfeeblement, Magic Bolt (True Hit)


Erius left Sunstar, Nightshade, Raveneye with the task of protecting Kayla, apprentice of Balorn. Since then he has joined the Silver Circle, striving to protect Margrave and its allies from threats within and without.

Erius T'rinar

Margrave Erius